Board 2021 - 2022

I'm Joël and I am the chair and the secretary of this year. I finished my Bachelor Soil, Water, Atmosphere in the normal way, which means that I'm now a fourth year student. In the student council I'm involved in a lot of committees under which, the daily board of the student council, the Boekel Education Enhancement (BEE), Student Facilities (SF) and the Quantity versus Quality committee (QvsQ). In addition to that, I'm also involved into the WUR council, which is the shared council between students and employees, and I participate in the Housing, Arbo and Environment (HAM in Dutch) committee as well. In my daily life, wellbeing is very important to me and this can be directly translated to my role in the SC:  putting student wellbeing in general  on the agenda with a focus on the mental part.
Joël Kampen
Chair & Secretary
Hi All, my name is Jacob, this year’s promoter and treasurer of CSF! The past two years, I studied a Master in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management. Currently, I am dedicating my time to represent your interests in the Student Council on behalf of CSF. In the Council, I work in a number of committees which sum up to ensure students enjoy education at WUR without limitations in study facilities. I am also enthusiastic about maximizing mental wellbeing and ensuring a voice for minorities. Do not hesitate to send me a message if you encounter facility related problems or issues that jeopardize your mental health!
Jacob Zornu
Treasurer & Promoter