CSF Wageningen
CSF Wageningen2 days ago
We received our new pens! If you're sitting in forum searching for a pen because you forgot yours, feel free to take one from the information board in front of the office!
CSF Wageningen
CSF Wageningen1 week ago
The Student Council Wageningen New Year's Conference was a big succes, there were a lot of people enjoying the comedy and music. If you haven't been able to be there, just look at the pictures and pretend you were there 😀
CSF Wageningen
CSF Wageningen3 weeks ago
We wish you all the best in 2018!
CSF Wageningen
CSF Wageningen4 weeks ago
The last day before the Christmas Holidays already! We spent the morning raising the standard for Christmas cards and we will enjoy being two weeks outside the Forum building! We hope your exams went well so far! We wish you a Merry Christmas and very nice holidays!
CSF Wageningen
CSF Wageningen1 month ago
Good luck with your exams everyone!