Unity in Equality!

This is CSF!

The CSF (Christian Student Party) is a party in the Student Council of the Wageningen University. We are the oldest party within the Student Council. Since 1972, we make sure to have a positive contribution in the policy making process of the University. We are critical and do not to hesitate to speak out when we do not agree with the decisions of the university. At the same time, only giving critique is not the way to go. That is why we make sure to give concrete adjustments which could be made to enhance the proposals made by the University. This constructive attitude allows us to have a good relationship with the Executive Board.

Our starting point and core values are derived from the Bible. Since all the CSF-representatives are in line with regard to these values, the way we approach representing students is constant over time. Since our values are shared with students of other beliefs too, we are representing all students! Nonetheless, since we are a relatively small party, we feel more affection to minority groups at the University.

our team

The CSF support team consists of a members of great variety of Christian associations in Wageningen and its purpose is to support the CSF members in the student council by bringing in new ideas that are important for students .

We have representatives of the student associations C.S.F.R Dei Gratia, Ichthus, NSW, VGSW and of WCCF, but most importantly we are representatives of YOU. We are enthusiastic to make your student life even better by actively listening to what you think is important, because that’s the reason we are there in the first place.

We come together regularly to discuss what we heard from the students what is important in and for students life now and in the future!

Get in Touch!

It is true that the journey of a thousand miles begin with a step. We are available to make that journey with you. Get in touch for an amazing journey at Wageningen!