Our Core values

At CSF, we are committed to creating a university environment where every student thrives.  CSF cares about the university, Wageningen University  and its students. Our core values define our work. It provides a starting point for how we should approach the university and it policies.  Guided by our Christian faith, our mission and vision are brought to life through these core values we call “PRRIST”

We emphasize not just academic growth but nurturing every aspect of students life in Wageningen Universty. This means going beyond academics to include spiritual, ethical, and personal development. It’s about growing in knowledge, faith, and character.

Our actions are guided by a strong moral compass. We are dedicated to supporting decisions that are not just right, but also inclusive. This value reflects our commitment to doing what is best for Wageningen student community.

Every WUR student’s voice matters. We strive to create a campus where everyone feels heard and valued. Our decisions are made with the diverse needs of Wageningen students in mind, respecting and embracing everyone’s unique need

Honesty is at the heart of everything we do. We stand firm in our commitment to truth and accountability, ensuring that our campus is a place of trust and reliability.

We are not just planning for today, but also for the future. Sustainability to us means responsibly managing our resources to ensures a thriving future for all